Graber¨∆ Plantation shutters are a timeless classic.There are three types of shutters that are popular in today's market.We offer faux wood shutters, composite shutters (poly mix) and basswood shutters.

Faux wood or PVC shutters are made of 100% vinyl.They are light and durable and are perfect for the budget minded consumer. They are great for wet and humid environments. They typically come in very limited colors. Our faux wood shutters come in three popular colors.

Composite Shutters are becoming more popular. They are made of a wood and PVC mixture (poly). They are also great for heavy moisture or damp locations. They are the heaviest of the shutters.

Graber Traditions¨∆ Wood Shutters are made from 100% basswood. These take the longest to make (around 6-8 weeks for delivery). Wood Plantation Shutters are light and take a stain beautifully. We also offer a wood shutter that is higher in price, but available in 2-3 weeks!