Wood Blinds
We carry a large selection of wood, faux wood, mini & vertical window blinds. There are two types of faux wood blinds available. The first and most popular is our standard faux wood blind which is made of 100% PVC. This material is around 50% heavier than a real wood blind. The second type of faux wood blinds we use are composite blinds. The difference is that the slat material is made of a wood and PVC mixture. They have a baked on coating where the color is attached to the material. The composites are around 15% lighter than the standard faux wood.

Graber¨∆ Wood Traditions Blinds
Wood Blinds offer premium quality at a great price. The basswood slats are crafted of the finest North American hardwood. A wide selection of painted or stained finishes makes it easy to match an existing decor, and the price includes a decorative wood valance.

Graber¨∆ Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds
Faux wood blinds simulate the look of real wood at a fraction of the price. PVC slats make these blinds durable and moisture-proof, the perfect choice for bathrooms or other high-humidity areas.

Graber¨∆ Composite Traditions Blinds
Composite blinds are faux wood blinds that are engineered for greater stability and durability than natural wood, these blinds will not warp or fade. Providing superior performance over wood and vinyl blinds, they also have a more realistic wood-like appearence than vinyl blinds.